I like to travel and wherever I go I take my camera along to capture the sights and colours of places throughout the world. The Europe Series I did in 1996 was entitled “Timbered Buildings”. I was fascinated with the timbers on old buildings in Brittany and Normandy how they leaned and the age of these structures. We travelled through to Honfleur where the Impressionists painted because the light was so good. This series has never been shown to the public so you are getting a sneak preview through the website. In another trip to Europe in 1999 we went around England gathering images. I was going to paint Pubs but there were so many it proved to be a daunting task. I did manage to add to my European collection and again these have never been shown to the public.

We went on a cruise for ten days and land tours for another 12 days in the area of the Mediterranean in 2012. I gathered images from Italy, Spain and Southern France which I will add to my European Collection and have an exhibition of all the images of Europe that I have painted.

Travels in North America have included New Orleans, Florida, up and down the Pacific Coast, Mexico, Hawaii and various spots on Vancouver Island. I find travel to broadens the mind, makes you more tolerant of people and gives the imagery that can’t get when you’re sitting home.


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