I have explored Lynn Creek as a youngster. We would travel with our bicycles from the East end of Vancouver across the Old Second Narrows Bridge and drop our bikes behind Menzie’s Store and hike into Lynn Canyon Park. My first home was on the edge of the creek down where Frederick Varley had his painter’s shack. I must have shared the same trails that he enjoyed, the same views and the sounds of crashing boulders down the creek when it rained. I looked out of the same window that he did when he painted Mirror of Thought 1937. I was consulted on establishing the Varley Trail and I contributed an image, Under the Pipe Bridge 1988 to the campaign to stop development of the Blair Rifle range.

I lived in that home that I designed and built for almost twenty years. I used to swim down the canyon with my camera in a plastic bag when the water was at it’s lowest point in the summer time so that the light would be overhead and light up the pools of water with light. The greens the light produced reflected in the pools were astonishing. Everything from a deep Hooker’s green all the way to colours of the yellow spectrum was present in the waters of the canyon. I had a studio attached to the house and I produced the first Lynn Canyon series living there.


Lynn Valley and Local